The Tale of Greedy Kenkebe Part I [Xhosa]

       Okay lads and laddies, its story time! If you remember, I did an article about Xhosa myths. This story comes from there. This is an interesting and entertaining piece of Xhosa folklore and also shows livelihood of people before them. It depicts a character whom you should NOT  be among the people of Xhosa. This is one of the functions of myth, to illustrate (more…)


Who is Coyote?

Coyote is an often occurring figure in tales and stories that are popular to us. He is a high ranking god in most of the Native American Myths. Often asscoyote_smociated with the Creator himself he is called by many names, the Old Man, the First Scolder, (more…)

An Introduction to Xhosa Myths

Today I started the day thinking that I would write an entry about something from Greek Myths. Maybe something about affairs of Zeus or the war of gods with Titans. Then I was on the mythology subreddit on Reddit(/r/mythology) . There I saw a post from a redditor about he found Greek Myths boring because it was so predictable. Though I do not 100% agree with him, I think he/she has some point.


Who is Týr?

In the pantheon of the Nordic gods, Týr is a god who seldom appears but plays a very important part in the myth itself. Týr is mostly regarded as a god of valor, heroics and law. Many times he is also compared and said to be similar to Mars, the Roman god of war, in turn also attributing war and battle to his domains. (more…)

The Immortals: Gods across various myths

         Every civilization had a myth. No matter what they called it — religion, culture or rituals. They had their own rituals and figures of worship. A common trait to all of the myths of ancient civilizations are gods. Almost all of myths describe and worship figure(s) of unnatural characteristics. These beings are supreme to human beings in term of strength, skill, intelligence and longevity. Despite their superhuman-like capabilities, the most important power of any god in any mythology is — (more…)

What Is Myth?

    The word “myth” may produce many different images in many people’s mind. For many “myth” may mean legends, stories and classic tales. For others it may just  mean a false belief or an untrue idea.

         It is hard to strictly define “myth.” The word itself is borrowed from the Greek word “mythos” which means a fable or a story, mostly a false one. (more…)